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Science Rocks!!!!!!!!

EALR 1 Systems
thinking makes it possible understand the idea of the part-to-whole relationship and analyze the systems.


EALR 2 Inquiry is the bedrock of science. Students ask and answer questions to understand the natural world. Inquiry includes the idea that an investigation refers to a variety of methods that can be used to answer a scientifically oriented question, including: systematic observations, field studies, models and simulations, open-ended explorations, and controlled experiments.


EALR 3 Application includes the ability to solve real-world problems, to understand the relationship between science and technology and their influence on society, and to become aware of the wide variety of careers in scientific and technical fields.

EALR 4 The Domains of Science focus on nine Big Ideas in the domains of Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth and Space Science that all students should fully understand before they graduate from high school so that they can participate and prosper as citizens in modern society.